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MedX Core Spinal Fitness System is an important addition to our wide range of musculoskeletal treatments available in TSJ BACK and NECK CARE CENTER, Coimbatore. MedX CORE program allows members to maintain or further develop spinal fitness after treatment of their back pain. Specialized, Exceptional Service – TSJ BACK and NECK CARE CENTER is supported by experienced staffs - doctor, physio and trainers who understand the medical history and specific needs of each member. All the members are assessed by our specialist physician Dr.T.J.Renganathan MBBS, MD, DPMR, DipNB (PM&R), to plan and develop the MedX Core exercise program best served and tailored to their her needs. Members receive in depth instruction, along with regular motivation, education, and monitoring of progress by staff.

MedX Core Spinal Fitness Rehabilitation at TSJ BACK and NECK CARE CENTER. We are delighted to be the First in the South India to have installed a full MedX Core Spinal Fitness System.

  • TSJ BACK and NECK CARE CENTER - MedX Core Spinal Fitness System program is for people suffering from Chronic Back and Neck Pain or Dysfunction.
  • After an initial evaluation, the physician will decide whether or not to recommend the exercise rehabilitation program.
  • Once program is started, physician reviews every 3 weeks to evaluate treatment progress.
  • The program is for 6-8 weeks, working one-on-one with the experienced trainer typically twice a week for one hour. These sessions are by appointment, because they involve specialized medical exercise equipment which requires an experienced trainer to operate.

In Short MedX Core Spinal Fitness System Low Friction

MedX has between 0 and 5% friction in it while traditional equipment has up to 30%.

Cervical pain treatment
Small Weight Increments

MedX allows you to increase or decrease the weight by 2 pounds. So we can load the muscles precisely.

Chronic spinal cord treatment
Short Weight Strokes

MedX is the only equipment company with a short one foot weight stroke.

Herniated disc treatment
Proper Strength Curves

On the MedX Lumbar Extension machine, the cam/strength curve ratio is 1.4 to 1.