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MedX Core Spinal Fitness System program is for people suffering from Chronic Neck and Back Pain or Dysfunction and for those who want to Prevent Back pain and for Sports persons and Golf players to improve their performance and correct their POSTURE. After an initial evaluation, the physician will decide whether or not to recommend the exercise.

We are delighted to be the First in Coimbatore to have installed a full MedX Core Spinal Fitness System machines.

MedX Rehabilitation at TSJ BACK and NECK CARE CENTER

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What is UNIQUE to the MedX Core Spinal Fitness System ?

History: : Arthur Jones was the legendary founder of Nautilus the biggest Gym Equipment Manufacturer. In 1986 he founded MedX to perfect the testing of human strength, endurance and range of movement. After many year of research he perfected its Lumbar Extension Machine. This equipment has helped tens of thousands of people to reduce or eliminate their back pain. In 2002 he developed a whole range of equipment such as MedX Core Machines and the Stretch Machine.

Program Design: The program is designed and monitored by Doctor and supervised by experienced trainer.

How long does it take?

We have found, based on both research and our own experience, that it takes 2 sessions per week for 6 weeks to achieve good results.

This time frame allows for both specific changes in the muscle (more muscle fibers/ bigger muscle fibers/ lower fatty content in the muscle itself) as well as improved neural outflow. (The ability of nervous system including brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves to become more efficient at "firing" the core muscles.)

A simple test to see if you can still "hit the numbers" achieved at the end of the 6 week program (which can be done any time after the 6 weeks) will tell you whether you need to have a few "top up" sessions to get back on track.

The simple test mentioned above can be done for free for 12 months after the completion of the program.

All exercise is not created equal

Why Progressive Resistance Exercise Is Important?

Studies show that patients with chronic back pain have weaker extensor muscles of the spine (the muscles that extend and help stabilize the spine) than patients without back pain.

Also, MRI studies have shed new light onto the muscular changes that occur with chronic back pain. For example, the multifidus muscle is smaller and replaced by fat in chronic back pain patients compared with people without chronic back pain. When the multifidus is atrophied, it affects the spine's capacity to stabilize the torso.

Other studies also proved muscle size and function can be improved with proper exercise to the lumbar extensors. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that exercise (progressive resistance exercise) offers excellent therapeutic benefits.. Researchers also proved that spinal muscles, including the multifidus, work to stabilize the torso.


The Core Spinal Fitness System is the medically based workout system that delivers strength, stability, flexibility and endurance essential to spinal health. A strong and flexible core provides a solid foundation for all body strength and activities.

Whether your goal is to feel better, improve posture, look better, or improve sports performance the MedX core spinal Fitness program is your first step to success.

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