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The reason MEDX is superior
to other EQUIPMENT

The designs of the MedX Core Spinal Fitness System machines are quite unique. They work on a "cam". This "cam" means the weight varies throughout the entire range. It is lighter in the weakest part of the range and heavier in the strongest part of the range. These are called resistance curves and are matched to tested and proven strength profiles of human.

Gluteus pain treatment
  • MedX Core Spinal Fitness System

    It is set apart from other strength training equipment by the fact that it has low friction, small weight increments, short weight strokes and proper strength curves. There are a number of design differences with the MedX Core Spinal Fitness System versus conventional gym machines.
  • Low start weight

    MedX Core Spinal Fitness System Machines have a very low start weight so we are able to start people with spinal problems earlier in rehabilitation without aggravation. Weight can be increased 2 pounds at a time, to precisely adjust the load.
  • Safer Movement

    Every element of the machine's drive train is designed to achieve vertical weight stack movement of only one foot on a full-range repetition; about half of what other equipment produces, reducing inertia and enhancing safety.
  • Low-Friction

    Eliminating friction-inducing weight stack guide rods and using high quality ball bearings throughout the machine produces a very low coefficient of friction. This produces a movement that is exceptionally smooth, which is very important for rehabilitation. MedX Core Spinal Fitness System is simply unmatched in this regard by any other gym equipment.
  • Patented Compound Weight Stack

    Base plates of 20 pounds each combine with the upper stack of nine 2-pound plates to accommodate both gradual increases and depending on the exercise up to 1,200 pounds of total resistance. What this simply means is that using MedX Core Spinal Fitness System Machines we can exercise a 90year old with arthritis problems who we need to be careful with just as easily as a 25 year old elite athlete who wants more of a challenge to meet the demands of his work or sport.
  • Patented Restraint Mechanisms

    Most conventional strength work for the all-important posterior chain has a large contribution from the gluteus (buttock muscles) and hamstrings. Quite often the result is the gluteus and hamstrings get stronger, but the back remains weak. The restraint mechanisms lock out and take out assistance from the legs and hips, so the core muscles are isolated which increases stability and allows specific, intensive and effective strengthening.
  • Biomechanics

    The other thing to consider is biomechanics. In traditional gym work out the same weight is lifted through the entire range and as such, it follows that you can only lift what the weakest part of the range can tolerate.