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How To Start?

MedX CORE facilities are currently available at Coimbatore for the First Time in India.

MedX CORE program allows members to maintain or further develop spinal fitness after TSJ BACK and NECK CARE CENTER rehabilitation program. ‘CORE’ refers to the body’s neck, torso, arms, low back, gluteus, and thighs. A strong and flexible core provides a solid base for all fitness.

To start MedX Core Spinal Fitness System program

We can treat the following conditions:We can treat the following conditions:

  • Prolapsed or bulging disc
  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Degenerative joint or disc syndrome
  • Hypermobility
  • Before spinal surgery
  • After spinal surgery

Exercises to be performe

The CORE workout uses a series of exercise machines specifically designed to target, isolate, and strengthen spinal muscle groups and to promote and improve flexibility.

  • Low back : Lumbar Machine
  • Torso : Torso Rotation Machine
  • Cervical Spine (Neck) : 4-way Neck Machine
  • Abdomen : Abdominal Crunch Machine
  • Super Stretch : offers flexibility training for seven major muscle groups through a unique machine that provides progressive, measurable stretching exercise.

Medx Core Program


Chronic spine pain patients, discharged from treatment; post surgical, disc prolapsed, planned for surgery, asymptomatic for injury prevention - golf/tennis players

Program Goal

Improve spinal fitness/function; reduce chronic pain, prevent recurrence/injury

Supervision and Program Administration

One-on-one evaluation and supervision by doctors and physiotherapist and One-on-one training, provided by trainers

Primary Equipment Utilized

Specialized MedX Core Spinal Fitness exercise equipment isolates spinal muscles

Staff Credentials/Training

physiotherapist , Trainers

# of sessions/week

2, by appointment

Approximate time/session

1 hour

Program Cost

Rs 11500 / for 12 sessions

How soon after surgery MedX spine program can be started?

We can see you 6 weeks after surgery. The MedX Core Spinal Fitness System is perfect whether you are a nurse, teacher, golfer, gardener, elderly or a stay-at-home mum. You will be able to strengthen your back, reduce your pain and allow yourself to continue to do activities that you enjoy.

TSJ BACK and NECK CARE CENTER program is for people suffering from chronic neck and back pain or dysfunction. After an initial evaluation, the physician will decide whether or not to recommend the exercise rehabilitation program. Once program is started, physician reviews every 3 weeks to evaluate treatment progress. The program is for 6-8 weeks, working one-on-one with the experienced Trainer typically twice a week for one hour. These sessions are by appointment, because they involve specialized medical exercise equipment which requires an experienced trainer to operate.

TSJ BACK and NECK CARE CENTER MedX Core Spinal Fitness System program is designed for individuals who have completed BACK and NECK CARE treatment program, and for who have chronic back and neck pain and for those who want to improve the back and prevent back pain and for those who have back muscle strength imbalance. CORE members generally perform two, one hour, strengthening exercise sessions per week.