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Frequently asked

  • Anyone who wants to develop and maintain their core strength and flexibility. As we get older these are two things that we start to lose. Once you have built your core strength research shows that just one session per month is enough to maintain that strength.
  • If you are getting over an injury then MedX rehabilitation might be of great value.
  • Sport people – Golf players, Tennis Players can greatly benefit from this program.
Recent scientific studies suggest that chemical changes in the intervertebral discs may be a source of spinal pain, which result from not moving the spine normally. Intervertebral discs remain hydrated, chemically balanced, and receive nutrition through full range of motion (ROM) movements, which is the last thing chronic spine patients want to do. Further MedX technology gives patients the best opportunity to improve spinal strength, range of motion, and disc health.
MedX Core machines are specifically designed to isolate the low back and neck thus helping the patient move in a safe manner and restore normal function to the spine and discs. Even if a disc has a bulge or herniation it still responds to correct movement, which is essential to restoring disc health.
By training to failure, you will add significant muscle mass to your body, which causes the body to need more calories even at rest. The calories you burn in a MedX Core programs are comparable to traditional cardiovascular training. Heart rates during the largest high intensity research project at West Point had cadets reaching levels not met on their treadmills.
Core Lumber Strength, Core Torso Rotator, Core Ab Isolator, Core Four Way Neck and Core stretch. These allow full range of motion, variable resistance, minimal friction, and adjustments for proper and safe positioning and alignment.
The inactivity and discomfort that typically precedes, as well as follows surgery, often results in joint deterioration and significant muscle atrophy. Scientific evidence shows that many of the injured muscles will not recover on their own even with normal activities. MedX Core Spinal Fitness System programs provide a very safe and effective way to gently start the reconditioning process and gradually build the injured area back to normal strength levels.
The recommended time period depends upon the surgical intervention, but in general, the MedX protocol requires a six-week period after surgery before active MedX reconditioning can begin.