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MedX Core Spinal Fitness program has a proven track record of helping people get back to their activities, free of pain. Researchers have established a 95% success rate with these types of patients by the use of MedX Core Spinal Fitness programs.

FOR MANY YEARS, the thinking was that rest and inactivity were the best ways to treat a back pain. Such thinking has taken a 180-degree turn. While it may be true in certain extreme cases that doing nothing is the best medicine, a growing number of physicians and therapists believe that aggressive rehabilitation is now the way to go in treating back injuries.

For people with back pain, the advice has long been simple: Take it easy. Now, some doctors have a radically different suggestion: The key to the program is that in addition to focus on pain relief it is important to restore posture, and improve flexibility and strength of back muscles.

Recent studies have demonstrated that Deconditioned and Weakened Muscles are a significant factor for continuing suffering with ongoing Chronic Back and Neck Pain. We specialize in One to One specific intensive spinal strengthening programs, using the MedX Core Spinal system, that has been proven to restore strength and stability and flexibility to the spine to reduce or eliminate pain in as little as 6-8 weeks.

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MedX Core Spinal Fitness Program is a special program offered by TSJ BACK and NECK CARE CENTER for the first time in Coimbatore.‘CORE’ muscles refers to the body’s neck, torso, arms, low back, gluteus, and thighs muscles. A strong and flexible core provides a solid base for all activities. MedX Core Spinal Fitness System is an important addition to our wide range of musculoskeletal treatments available in TSJ BACK and NECK CARE CENTER, Coimbatore.

Why MedX ?

“As a leader in the development of medical rehabilitation equipment, MedX understands what back pain relief can mean to a patient,”. More importantly, the exercise sessions are individualized and short and in many cases have immediate results – that fits perfectly into busy lifestyles.